Hullo! I’m Frances Sullivan, the proud (most days) creator of “Zigzagging Toward Zen”. Welcome, and thanks for dropping by to find out a little bit about, well, me.

For starters, I’ve never been part of the mainstream in spite trying to make it so. Fitting in is not a state I’ve been able to achieve. And it’s okay. I’m happy now because I’m exactly where I’m supposed to be. Essentially, once I gave up trying, I fit right in. Hah!

For most of my young life, I daydreamed my time away. Someplace else with someone else was always better than what or who was in front of me. Having children forced me to get out of my head. I’m thankful for that and for them. I’ve got two adult daughters who are the most stunning, smart, lovely women around. I divorced their dad in 1989. That was a nightmare. It took quite a few years, but I’m daydreaming again. This time, not to avoid, but to reflect and envision.

I’ve not had any huge career. I was a music director in the church for a long time, but that was mostly so I could sing. I inherited a beautiful voice.

Growing up I was best sat on a horse. I still adore horses and riding. I must do more with them.

I’m currently homeless, drifting in the province of Ontario as I figure out what’s next for me. A few years ago I quit a job, sold my house, and moved to the UK. Great Britain did not want me to stay, so I came back to Canada. I still plan to live in the UK, but in the meantime, am hunkered on the west coast.

I like to try new things. It keeps me from getting all covered over with moss. It also keeps me sharp, although I’ve not been feeling that way lately. But that will change. We are always changing or should be. When young, for example, I loved the night and winter. I needed to hide. Not now. I love the light and warm days.

Funnily, I’ve called myself a writer for a long, long time, but never had the stuff of real honest to goodness writers. I mean seriously, do you know how much work it is? Oh, and there’s always the excuse I’ve used tons that there are way too many better writers writing and publishing exactly what I’d write about. Of course, the real reason was that I lacked courage and dedication, discipline and confidence. Until now. Now, the desire to write is greater than the fear keeping me from it.

So for today, I’m “about” writing. There are at least two books gestating and long past their due date. Nothing so bad as an overdue book!

Before closing, I’ll mention to you that I’ve lived for more than six decades. I’ve learned a lot in that time. I’ll have to write some stories about it all. Maybe you’ll come back and read some.

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