When you’re down and troubled…

wiley-coyote-helpGosh, it’s hard to know what’s what these days and I find it really depressing. I mean, we’ve been at this society-survival-evolving thing for about 200,000 years, give or take. After so many millennia, wouldn’t you think we’d have figured out that war, hatred, poverty, and division don’t work well in any way? You’d think we’d have learned that humans are beautifully unique, and that every child deserves food, shelter, stability, and warm, loving, hugs. You’d think we would have noticed by now that animals are here for us to live in communion with, not to take dominion over, as we have the resources also gifted to us by this stunning planet. You’d just think we would have it figured out.

To be fair, it took us approximately 65,800,000 years to find our homo feet. (Don’t snicker. The word means “human”.) I’ve intentionally excluded the participle “sapiens”, or ‘beings’ because, by definition, the word means “discerning, wise, sensible. See my conundrum? Yeah, I don’t think the title fits given our current calamities, all of our own making, by the way.

Still, hope breathes eternal as I inhale to the count of ten in tadasana. I AM MOUNTAIN, watch me crumble. *Sigh*

Of course, I am being facetious to a degree. We have made strides. We know that some foods have to be refrigerated, that water must be free of bacteria, and that the world is round. We have managed to explore space and this planet, and we have found ways to travel both with ease. But we have left a dirty mark, too.

There is still time for us to clean up our acts, but we need to stop blaming everybody else. Change for yourself because it feels good, right. Jump on board with zero waste programs, eat foods locally sourced, support somebody financially because they need your help and you’ve got more than they do, stop playing into the sorrowful stories you propagate about suffering animals while you eat meat from a factory farm. There are a hundred ways you can make a difference but do it for your life and quit worrying about everybody else. If you’re not changing, your stories and complaints fuel the drama of lack and victimhood.

My wish today is that we know one thing. When we use the term “the masses” remember, we are one of them. As a global society, our similarities are far greater than our differences. When the so-called ‘masses’ are fucking it up, look in the mirror first. Listen for a heartbeat. Hear it? It is the beat of every heart.

Until tomorrow…Empath

6 thoughts on “When you’re down and troubled…

  1. Frances Sullivan

    Indeed. I think we’ve done more harm than good but I like a lot of what we’ve done, too. And there are a lot of beautiful humans, we just have to defend them.


  2. Even as recently as looking back over my own lifespan now that I’m older, and seeing how everything in the world seems to be on a loop, makes me shake my head in wonderment at how we just keep repeating shit, just with different equipment. I don’t have a death wish, but I don’t think that it will bother me unduly when it’s time to leave this place. It’s actually quite liberating to feel that, and has changed my perspective on how I live my life now.

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