Lighter Sides…

LightThere are currently eight half-finished blogs on my desktop. Yesterday’s made it nine. It should have felt good to finally launch at least one into cyberspace, but it didn’t. The result was a one-way conversation in my head that went something like this:

“You are SO full of yourself. Way intense. Why do you have to be so serious about every damn thing? And really, who do you think you are? I mean, come on. Other folks write about flat-tires, chipped nail polish, bad hair, mothers, children, and surviving against the odds. Some actually get paid, no less! Why can’t you do that? Get paid, I mean. You’d have to write something different, better, I suppose. Lord knows you could. You’ve fixed flats, in the dark, on deserted back roads, for heaven’s sake. You’ve had plenty of good and not so good mani-pedis and made your fair share of regrettable colour choices. You’re the queen of bad hair and you know a bit about mothers. You had one and – saints preserve us – a mother-in-law. Your kids survived you – barely – but nevertheless they’re still around. Plus, you’ve a grandgirl who is still kicking despite having been in your care from time to time. So, you’re a loser. Big deal. Who isn’t? Get over it. Stop with the inadequacy speeches. ‘I’m afraid… I’m not good enough… I’m too old… . Whine, whine, whine. Heard it ad nauseam Give it a rest already”.

The monologue went on for hours. I interjected from time to time, muttering my displeasure, but it was pointless. Eventually, I fell asleep only to dream about walking along a dark gravel road toward a broken-down car. My former mother-in-law (may she rest in peace) was behind the wheel screaming at me and waving her skeletal arms madly. She was really skinny when alive and didn’t like me much, but this scene was straight out of Night of the Living Dead. By the way, she didn’t drive in life so am pretty sure she wouldn’t be driving in the afterlife, either. Anywho, I woke in a sweat ready to take the challenge to lighten up.


My wish today is that we look for our lightest part. We can start by visualizing ourselves as a beams of light, wisps of air, or feathers. Our bodies can weigh us down. Our minds can weigh us down. We don’t have to let either hold us down, or back. Fly, sail, soar, and shine. Here’s to embracing the light side of life.

Until tomorrow…


6 thoughts on “Lighter Sides…

  1. Hahahaha – I wonder exactly the same things! Why can’t I write blogs about fun and light things? I guess we’re just wired differently to the mainstream 🙂 However, I must admit that I like this side of me much more than the namby-pamby I used to be, always trying to fit in with others and be liked. Admittedly, I don’t actually mind being liked, but these days I prefer to prioritise liking myself ahead of others liking me 🙂

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    1. Frances Sullivan

      Well put! I like being liked but won’t sacrifice either. Feels freeing, yes? And I’m sure I’m not alone, it just felt good to put it down and get it out there. 🙂

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    1. Frances Sullivan

      Maybe we do ‘excrete’ many over time. A lot of them belong in the crapper, that’s for sure. Last night’s experience was good, though, and I listened to a voice that was finally mine telling me to get over the tragic heroine (you’ll remember her, yes?) once and for all. It feels good – validation maybe? No matter. It just feels good. Hope I can keep thinking those happy, airborne thoughts. xx

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  2. Kathleen B. Nurse

    So glad you write these blurps and of course happier when you publish them. They always lighten my heart a little just knowing I am not the only one with these foibles. I have been sitting here all day and it is now 7:717 and still haven’t so much as washed a cup, gotten dressed turned on the shower. Instead I just have been sitting at this darn computer doing nothing woth while at all. So, I am getting up now, going to get some housework done before midnight. Eat my breakfast at night and bathe and go to bed. You inspire me. Ms. Frances. so Keep on trudging and post the odd one here and there. Love ya. Kath.

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    1. Frances Sullivan

      Yeah, I hear you. I always think I’m the biggest loser going! But hey, you’re a busy, active, engaged woman – one smart and apt cookie. Never forget it. As for those days – the ones where we get up simply to get ready to back to bed – I’ve way too many of ’em. So, let’s keep inspiring each other. Love ya right back. F


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