On this New Year’s Eve…

20192018 is fading fast. 2019 waits patiently for that ball to drop so it can enter. I’m hunched over my computer, feverishly sketching an outline to a story. It’s an arduous process. Gradually, though, the screen fills with words. They are at once familiar and brand new, pulled from memories of my yesterdays and dreams for my tomorrow. Resolute, my hands stay busy, crafting this emerging verbal portrait with great care. After all, I am drawing my life and the promise of it must be written before the clock strikes midnight.

Now, this is challenging for me. Great at generalities, specifics often elude me. I don’t care to hypothesise about why I have this trait, though, not today. Today, I’m going to fight my natural inclinations and let it all hang out. I’m going to paint it all; each desire. I will include as much detail as possible. It’s critical to outline all the particulars. That fact has become imprinted on me in these years of redoing: specificity matters. In other words, I don’t need to be “careful what I ask for”. I need to be clear.

So, to that end, I plan to enter 2019 without crippling shackles. The gloves are off. The net’s been dismantled. This year ends with my thanks and begins with rapt enthusiasm for all that will come.

Some, but not all the of the story is as follows:

In 2019, energy vampires, naysayers, finger pointers, and conspiracy theorists are gone. I’ve replaced reluctance with fearlessness and reintroduced my laugh alongside an indefatigable trust that I CAN. It is the year that sees me writing full-time with no distractions, singing in public again, dancing in the grocery store aisle, and paragliding in the French Alps. I will hold meditation workshops in India, publish two books, and put my feet in Jolly Ole before 2020. It is my year to solidify financial freedom and a loving companion. It will not be devoid of some shades of controversy.

I don’t know how all of this will transpire, but I know it will.

2019 is also your year. Make a sincere pledge to yourself. Be poignantly clear. Shout out loud. Do not be afraid to ask for what you want. Then, go about your day knowing “alea iacta est”, the die has been cast.

My wish for you this New Year’s Eve is simple: Don’t just imagine, BELIEVE.

Until tomorrow…


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