I’m Trying Something a Bit Odd. Care To Join?

Joy.jpgWell, Christmas Day is almost done. I happily, if noisily, blustered (I’ve a head cold so the voice is deep and scratchy, the nose running like a tap) my way through an incredible dinner. My daughter and her partner are really good cooks. I do love Christmas. I love the decorations, the preparations (when others are making them) and anything “nog”. This is the first year I didn’t get one present (I think something might be in the mail, though) and I’m okay with it, surprisingly okay.

When little, the entire season was a treat. A couple of weeks before the big day, my Yankee dad would take me to Hudson’s to see Santa. I gotta tell you, downtown Detroit was something back then. Every window at the massive department store was dressed to the nines with exquisite clothing, housewares, and assorted gifts displayed amidst lights and surrounded by animated toys. It was thrilling walking along the street marvelling at such creativity. Once inside, we’d ride the elevator (gloved assistant included) to the top and exit into the North Pole. It was dream-like and spectacular. Faux snow and what must have been millions of tiny lights – gold, pink, blue, white and of course, the traditional reds and greens. All that’s a thing of the past in the now bankrupt city, but it’s a sweet memory nonetheless.

I also remember our kitchen in the days leading up to Christmas. There were aproned women on a mission, organized and busy, dedicated to the task at hand which was the making of tons of cookies and pies and tarts. Oh my goodness, the smells! When done, tins were filled and stored away, pies and tarts were put into the freezer, while other goodies found their way into pretty boxes with bows meant for friends or neighbours. There was always so much to go around.

Yep, I like this time of the year. Even with a cold and even though the traditions kept for so many years have fallen away, I still feel the intention of this season. That’s the coolest part, the thinking about others, the desire to give and share and make time. Amidst the chaos many find miracles.

My wish tonight is more of a request – or maybe “challenge” is the better word. I’m going to try to extend the true spirit of the season by wishing people Merry Christmas, or Happy Holidays, for let us say, one more month. I’ll let you know how it goes. People will be confused, but I’ll explain that I just want to keep the feeling of the season alive. If you’d care to join me, please do. Let me know your experience. It could be fun!

Until tomorrow…

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