A Letter to Santa…

SantaDear Santa, (or do you prefer the saintly title? No matter. Personally, I’m not a fan of Nick. So I’ll start over).

Dearest Santa Claus,

The clock is ticking, the minutes not long enough, as you and your team prepare for your big day – the one you were born for. With that in mind, I’ll try to be brief and very, very succinct with my request this year even if brevity isn’t a forte.

Now, you know the desires of my heart because you are Santa, after all, but I’ve a last minute request – one that supersedes the rest – and it’s the reason I’m writing. I want to make sure you’ll not confuse the regular asks, the superficial ones I make almost daily, with this one. Have no doubt, I still want a facelift (arm and upper leg lift, too), a cashier’s check for 50 million (or any number with 6 zeroes after it), and peace on earth. But if you have to pick, forego those and give me this other thing, please.

When you love someone, no request is too great. If a mountain needed moving, you would roll up your sleeves and start pushing. If you become trapped on the other side of a great abyss formed from shifting all that rock and unable to return home to their arms, you would not regret a thing. You helped. You made your beloved’s life better.

Mothers and fathers move mountains for their children all the time. Most do it silently with no fanfare. Children often don’t notice, have no idea the effort put forth for them. And that’s fine. Parents don’t expect any reward. True love, the capital “L” unconditional kind, expects nothing in return. That’s how it is, will be, in Utopia. Thing is, Santa baby, we’re not in Utopia. So here’s my special request this year. It comes in two parts.

For Christmas, can you open one heart? Find one beating faithfully in the body of a troubled soul. See its anger and meanness; sense its resentment and frustration. Witness the relentless judgement. You know better than anyone about being naughty, but those actions wound so many others. Maybe you can give them the gift of softness and understanding. It might help them to heal. It might help them begin to forgive, to let go and choose nice. Now for part two.

Can you give a wounded soul some comfort? It is too easy to forget that even the bravest, most courageous, and independent people on this planet are vulnerable and need to feel tenderness. Maybe give them a picture book, one that shows how to move that mountain they so long to move. Or, maybe let them off the hook. Whatever the gift, I think I’ll let you decide. You’ll know their heart’s desire.

And so with that, I wish you all, the happiest of holidays. Enjoy each other. Be kind. Touch a hand. Look in a stranger’s eyes. Give food, or money, or gifts. Reach out so you can reach in. Words can only go so far. If someone needs you, start pushing. The mountain will move.

Until tomorrow…

6 thoughts on “A Letter to Santa…

  1. MY dear dear friend. Once again your beauty shines through your words. Oh to have the gift you so perfectly give everyone. Your thoughts and wisdom and most of all those beautiful beautiful wishes. I am praying that Santa grants not only your wish this year but that everyone I know make it their own. Just imagine how many spirits could be lifted and souls saved if we all could get this one dream come true. Like you I would also like my regular stuff those 0’s and all but most of all I want peace and your wish is a great step towards that not only inwardly for me, but for the world. Lots of love at this time and always. Kathleen

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    1. Frances Sullivan

      Oh, Kathleen, you are too kind but you’ve made my day. This blog was inspired when someone was unnecessarily mean to me. I can still feel the sting now. But at the time I realized lashing out only hurts everyone. Most of us blame because we’re reacting from some subjective story of pain, but if we could realize for even a second that hurting another only adds to our sorrow, we might change our strategy. Anywho, here’s to both of us getting a few more zeros and lots more honest and sincere hugs in our day. Lots of love to you, too, at this time and always. Happy holidays, dear heart. xxx


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