Not Skating Away…

SkatingIt’s coming on Christmas, they’re cutting down trees. They’re putting up reindeers and I wish I had a river I could skate away on. And, although I’m not singing songs of joy and peace at this exact moment, as the sun sets on a frosty day, Joni’s lyrics are most apropos. Mind you, the grand dame of folk music’s lyrics are almost always a hit. (See what I did there? She had so many smash hit records, you see. Hehe.)

Now, don’t go thinking that’s it for today’s blog post just cuz I’ve included a wish. Nuh-uh, there’s more, but only a smidgen and it’ll take the form of an update. Remember the list? Well, it’s still unfolding with one item topping the charts. (Yes, I actually wrote that and yes, it’s actually keeping with the music theme. Hokey? Most definitely!)

So, most of you know my finances have been a concern the last many months. Things are not better – not by a long shot. However, what’s a girl to do? Continue to pound the pavement and the Internet in search of a solution? Certainly. But there’s also the aspect of not losing faith – which I do. Many of us do, though, so that’s old news. Oh, and by the way, let me reiterate something. I blame no one! I am my responsibility and I am 2000% (if there was such a thing) aware of it. The fact that I have better days than others and occasionally (okay, more than occasionally) float around in fantasies about knights and magic, I am also well aware of. Furthermore, let me assure you, we all have days when we are on thin ice, on shaky ground, for any number of reasons. Your shaking might not look like mine, it might be motivated by something brand new or a recurring theme, but if you don’t feel like skating away every once in a while, you’re not alive. What’s this got to do with the list? Nothing. So, let me get on with it.

I’ll flesh out the rest more formally as it materializes further, but the first thing on the list might surprise you. Number One, numero uno is: (Drum roll) 1) Write. (Good golly, I hear stunned utterances reaching my ears.) It’s okay. I get it. “Why are you not job hunting, and house hunting?” Did I hear someone say man-hunting? You’re funny. But, yes, I echo your concerns. Do not fear. 1, 2, and 3 are on the list. Oops, not 3. But let me explain why writing’s at the top.

Waiting for the bus early this morning, I heard a wee voice say, “You used to love telling stories. You were a storyteller. You still are. Writers tell stories.” I nodded, and then took a quick look around to make sure no one was watching me. I then, almost out loud because no one was watching, replied. “No, I think stories tell writers.” And there you have it. Epiphany. I’m incomplete if I don’t do what I love, if I don’t tell my stories. And, I’ve got a million of ‘em.

My wish, as a result, is for perseverance. I have skated away too often to count. I have told the “poor me, I’m too old” story, the “somebody told me I couldn’t” tale, and the “nobody let me” fable on and off most of my life. But my experiences, my full and wildly erratic life also makes great fodder for countless narratives. And my life is spectacularly akin to yours. We all simply spin toward one desire ultimately – love. So, I’ll put on the boots again, but there’ll be no skating away. No siree. I’ll be skating towards the words of my next story. I just need to persevere.

Until tomorrow…




5 thoughts on “Not Skating Away…

      1. Thanks for visiting my blog … It’s pretty stale … I haven’t written anything for quite a while. Now that I’ve moved from Vancouver, attending the brunch group has become a lot less frequent. To tell you the truth, I’m not sure what to do about the blog…

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      2. Frances Sullivan

        I noticed there’d not been anything new. Can you start something similar where you are? I think it’s a great idea. You could become the local critic. Or maybe not, but… Sorry to hear you’re not in Van. 😦


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