PeaceHiya friends and fellow adventurers!

So, I’ve been confusing some of you with my ups and downs. Hm. Honestly, that’s life. Emotions, just like change, can be a bitch. I love it all, of course, but sometimes I don’t express my appreciation for it as convincingly as I should. That’s likely because in that moment I’m not feeling any appreciation – or gratitude – or pleasure. Instead, my disconnected-self, my old unworthy-self is the voice in my head. She’s telling me I’m a loser having a shit time. Thing is, that’s what this blog is about. It’s about the “moment”. Bit of it, by bit of it. I share the moment. So, if in the moment I feel crappy, that’s what the words convey. However, I hope you notice my wanderings are also trying to convey the deeper pull, and divine desire, to find a better way. My mind might be holding tight to old patterns, true enough, but I’m striving to jiggle those not-so-good feelings around so I can find better thoughts to think. Only in the expression of all my feelings can I make decisions to choose the best ones, however. If at any time I ignore, chastise, or escape a feeling, I only defeat my desire to grow. My expansion is then in jeopardy.

There are no possibilities unreachable. It’s the time lapses between nothing and something, failure, and success, that getcha. Earlier, I wrote a dear friend expressing my deepest desire to be successful as a writer. She, too, is a writer and far better than I. Still, she encourages me with praise for my work. It’s easy to call oneself an author nowadays. I will soon be one but prefer to call myself a writer. However, to wear that title, I need to dress with care, practice, and diligence. Am I up to the task? I have no choice. It is my Zen and I will continue to zigzag toward it until I shapeshift off this planet. It’s a tough decision, to follow my heart. Many are suggesting it’s not feasible. And, they might be right. But, I cannot let go of my dream.

My wish today is for peace. How does that connect with what I’ve shared above? Like this: We are at peace when doing what our hearts call us to do. The world asks us to separate, pick sides. It asks us to dummy down, collect ‘stuff’ on the outside so we will not go ‘inside’. But the journey to the stars can be an internal flight. Abundance and prosperity can be found in one’s heart, in the soul that unconditionally loves another, and in the magic of a single breath. That is peace. It cannot be found on paper, but in the accord, we grant our true and divine natures.

Until tomorrow…




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