believeDear friends,

Thank you all very much for the warm greetings and well wishes. I’m certain the journey so far is made better because of all those goodly vibrations coming my way.

I am currently in another ferry terminal marvelling at how people travel here. Everything is a learning opportunity for me when I head out on these excursions, and while I recall being enchanted by the comings and goings of these enormous boats last April, I’m more so now that I’m familiar with this place’s geography. I am somewhat embarrassed at my ignorance of B.C.’s coast and its islands. This is Canada, after all. I’ve not schooled myself on this province, however, choosing instead to travel elsewhere. Which reminds me, I want to travel again. Where you might ask? I’m not exactly sure, but someplace they do a lot of yoga and meditation. 🙂

So I’m now on the Sunshine Coast, in a bus making my way to my newest digs. It’s beautiful here. More stunning views. I’m still surrounded by mountains, but now the water that bids me welcome is the actual sea. The beaches are quite extraordinary, and indeed, there’s plenty of sunshine.

I’m finishing up this post in a lounge chair by a coy pond. The back garden of this lovely home is a maze of stone paths, and it is dense with fruit trees and flowering shrubs. There are sculptures everywhere and little seating areas beckon. I’m really impressed. My room is charming, too. It boasts a feather bed I can’t wait to sleep in. I am busting with gratitude for my good fortune. I am blessed indeed.

So my wish is one I have wished before but believing never grows old. I have no idea what tomorrow will bring, how I will manage, but for today I am well, secure, and happy. Each day brings more clarity into my sight line about my vision. I know what I want. I know more about who I am, what I offer, and what makes me content. I believe if I follow those feelings, I’ll continue to be just fine.

Until tomorrow…

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