Goodbye.jpgDearest friends,

It takes a long time to unsettle oneself. There are drawers to empty, closets to clear, and shelves to make bare. There are energies to realign and entanglements to disengage. In my case, however, because I arrived with two suitcases and did not know a soul, there are only a few drawers to empty and a couple of items to remove from the closet. Goodbyes, though never easy, will be short if bittersweet. So, while it might take you a long time to unsettle yourself, I do it in a few hours. And so it goes. I’ve already delivered a box to the Greyhound depot for forwarding because I’d rather travel light, and packed a suitcase. Tomorrow I leave this outpost I’ve called home since April 24th with a slightly heavy heart. Yet, there is anticipation and the promise of something new in the air. I will be fine. It is another step on this unorthodox journey I’m becoming a bit of an expert at.

Many of you might often scratch your heads wondering how I manage. You know there are times when I have no money. You know I do not have a permanent address. I have no stability in the common understanding of the word. All of that is true enough, and yet, I am still here. A few monetary gifts have come unsolicited from generous friends, and others simply help me get by. Let me be clear. I’ve not given up seeing my situation differently. To that end, I have stopped bemoaning my plight. Instead, I see myself flush, comfortable, and secure. And, here’s the funny thing about that vision – it ‘feels’ wonderful. And as long as I hold to the feelings of what life is like with security, I can breathe, and act, and continue to write, and contribute, and ask for solutions to appear. And they will – they are – they do.

My time here has been grand. I have been broken here and written a book here. I’ve laughed and shed many tears here. I came open and leave the same way. I learned to hold to thoughts that are only good ones, ones that make me feel fine, worthwhile and on fire.

So that’s my wish today, for visions that take us to the best feeling places. If thoughts becomes things it makes sense to find thoughts that make us feel secure, that bring us joy. It makes even more sense to imagine the best case scenario, the happiest result, and a situation awash with capital L love. Feels good, yes?

Until tomorrow…


8 thoughts on “Farewell…

    1. Frances Sullivan

      Your comment touches me deeply and you, too, hold a place in my heart. My experiences in PA have yet to fully unfold – they impacted me greatly in the short term and as they flower, I will become more aware. Still, I believe it was time for me to leave. That is not to say I will not be back. Much love to you, Cat. You are a beacon so keep shining, my dear friend.


    1. Frances Sullivan

      A place called the Sunshine Coast in B.C. Not too far from where I was as the crow flies, but worlds apart in other ways. Closer to Kauai than Dublin, that’s for sure. Next stop will be back across the pond, me thinks.Hey, check out “alltolove.com” or did I mention that already?

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  1. cegenevie74

    May Divine Love and the blessings of the Universe keep you filled up, dear Frances. I hope you always feel this Love and the love of so many others. You are creating such beauty.

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    1. Frances Sullivan

      What a beautiful blessing for me to hold close. And to tell me I’m creating beauty makes my heart soar! It is my sincere hope – but for myself! I wish only to save me on this crazy and glorious journey. If I assist anyone else it is by magic. Thank you, Cath. You, too, are a blessing through your life and your sharing. It’s just so hopeful, yes?


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