Events that trouble…

BarbudaDear friends,

I know many of you are anxious right now as you, or those close to you, face the wrath of hurricanes battering the Caribbean and southern U.S. From footage, it appears Irma has devastated several islands and plans on doing more damage as it makes its way toward Florida. After Harvey and the intense flooding in Texas that spread eastward, the monsoons in South East Asia, and destructive forest fires which continue to plague western North America, it’s a wonder we’re not all in a fetal position with our thumbs stuck in our mouths. There seems nothing else to do. But that’s not right. There are things to do.

For those who can, there are plenty of ways to donate. The Red Cross is on the ground and working tirelessly when events like these unfold. Give them $5, or $50. Whatever you can manage is better than nothing and adds to their overall pot. For those who do not feel the can help with a monetary donation, there might be someone locally taking supplies into stricken areas. Find out what is needed and see if you can help out. If neither of those solutions suit, at the very least, stop pointing fingers at organizations, the government, or the weather. That isn’t helping anything. Instead, see people dry, clothed, sheltered and fed. Put that message into the ether. See the fires snuffed out, the winds calm. Those thoughts have to be better for your entire being than worry and blame. And if you don’t think so, consider prayer. I hear people profess to believe in its power constantly. You don’t have to believe in a supreme interventionist being to pray. Simply think the thoughts you desire.

My wish is for all of us is to find an action to ease our anxiety. I wish peace and consolation for those who have lost loved ones. I wish shelter for those whose homes were demolished by wind or water. And, I wish an abundance of supplies for those helping up close and personal.

Until tomorrow…


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