Hobbits and elves…

Hobbit.jpgDearest friends,

It’s another bloody hot day. Lots of electricity being consumed as people try to stay cool. We’re lucky here. There are plenty of watering holes to cool off in, but for those stuck in cities, well, they’re not so lucky. I suppose we should get used to it. I don’t think these extremes in temperatures are going to let up anytime soon. All the wild weather events, from radical floods, to fiery heat has me thinking on Tolkien’s “Lord of the Rings”. The environment was a central theme of the trilogy. He foresaw what would become of the planet if man continued to rape and pillage the earth. Too bad we didn’t quite get his memo.

Reviewing Tolkien’s works inspired me to binge watch Peter Jackson’s movies. I can’t get enough now. Such brilliant films. Of course, there’s plenty of spectacle in the epics, but the message surfaces. “Love conquers but the chase for it might kill you.” I’m a believer.

Originally, I loved Frodo. He’s great, of course, but it’s Samwise who has my heart now. His fortitude, patience, and unquestioning devotion is the stuff of legend. He never wavers. He is fearless. Without him, Mister Frodo would never have achieved his quest. Without Sam, the ending at Mount Doom would have been very different. Amazing creatures those hobbits. Tolkien started with them, after all, so he must have thought so, too.

Watching the movies again has been really good for me. They make me cry which I’m doing constantly these days, but so be it. I’ve also decided I’m more hobbit on the evolutionary scale. I’m not referring to their bravery, more their inclination for fun and food and mischief. Oh, and their hair – they have curls. And while I should be happy about that, I’d rather be an elf.

I mean, seriously, who wouldn’t? They’re beautiful! Tall, with pale complexions, their long straight locks and superior intuition combined with telepathic abilities, makes them the envy of all. They are God’s first creatures and remain immortal, too. That’s cool. So, yeah, I’d rather be an elf. However, the desire to be elfin made me well aware that I’ve never been content being me. I should try, shouldn’t I?

My wish today is for acceptance. Accepting myself means I start with me as I am rather than dreaming of redoing what is unalterable in that moment. I’ve wasted countless hours wishing to be different on the outside instead of giving myself a hug and saying, “You’re okay.” So, for now, let me extol the virtues of my frizzy hair and thick middle, my deepening wrinkles and sagging skin. Let me assure myself that my heart is big, my life worthwhile, and my desire to love a thing of value. I may fail, I might falter, but I believe change starts with my attitude, not my face or my hair, which today I accept as perfectly okay.

Until tomorrow…

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