Me to we…

Me.jpgHello my lovely friends!

Yes, the firmament is wreaking a bit of havoc on the earth of late. More than usual? Perhaps in our lifetime. But it takes thousands of years for a cataclysmic event on the moon to change the course of events on earth so I’ve not any upheaval has happened before. However, we humans keep evolving so whatever is going on now impacts us differently than the time before. As a result, we vibrate, shift, and move in directions that might challenge us. Right now, for example, are we being asked to redefine our psyche or merely keep up with the universe? It matters not. We will do what we can to survive. We will do our best. What we cannot do is escape what is happening for we are bound to, and connected with, interwoven as it were, this tapestry. We cannot escape it. And why would we want to? Because it’s tough, that’s why! Change is hard, and the unexpected can be bloody painful! It breaks us apart, tears at our innards, and gets us questioning our very existence. Still, we are here, all of us together, sitting at various looms threading our carefully spun wool in the hope we are designing a worthwhile life. I fear I’m not the most proficient of weavers, but, even at this stage of life, I seem to be creating some spectacular pictures. Whoop, whoop! It’s an incredible ride when I take a moment to step back and admire it. But, before I meander further, I want to share my latest news.

As you know, my house sit was to have ended on the 23rd. Well, it did not. I have ‘my’ home for at least another week. I’m happy. It gives me more time to work on book edits and seek alternatives. Also, I have had two job interviews and while neither have been successful, I am preparing. There are also new opportunities in the UK I’d not realized before. I have options. They’re all good. I feel confident and positive. Also, I’m not giving up on my writing, that it will support me. I believe. And, as always, my awareness keeps noticing things because I need to stay on my toes.

And so I sit, envisioning the life I want to create. I’m becoming more determined and focussed than ever. I’ve become more humble and honest, more broken and vulnerable, more open and innocent than ever. I believe that what I’ve set in motion will manifest. And, of course, I’ve had the discussion and set dates and time for those manifestations because if I’m to achieve anything I’m supposed to, it will not be done if I’m struggling to feed myself. Do I love myself enough to believe I deserve more? In this moment, yes. So I will try to hold to this moment. It is precious. But there I go again, getting all philosophical. I had a story to tell you.

The other night I was out with friends. At one point, I went to the bar to order a drink and suddenly became invisible. I felt like Frodo but I wasn’t wearing a gold ring. Whatever happened to service? I stood and watched the wait staff and bartender clean, put bottles away, get drinks for others, while I remained invisible. No one spoke to me. No one asked what I wanted. What does that say of me, I asked myself? Well, it says many things, but I took it to say “unknown”. I was at a haunt frequented by locals and was not a part of the “crowd”. I did not know the password, or language commonly used, to get their full attention.

Do we segregate that readily? Yes, we do. It’s not a kind, pleasant, or redeeming quality. It is particularly found in small town type communities where people remain suspicious of newcomers. However, what it smacks of is judgement, bigotry, and bias. “I fear the stranger” is a restrictive and inevitably destructive trait.

So this is my wish for today. Let us extol openness, receptivity and a welcoming air when we meet a stranger. Let those characteristics be desired and sought after. Let us remember to “act” like we accept even if we do not because that practice will diminish, maybe eventually extinguish racism and lead us all toward an inclusive society. We are, after all, one.

Until tomorrow…


4 thoughts on “Me to we…

  1. A brilliant piece Frances – and if you do make it back to the UK I would really welcome the opportunity to meet up and have a chat (and with Molly) if we can create that.

    Keep working at it – and you will find the support you need, of that I am sure

    DAve xx

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    1. Frances Sullivan

      Thank you, Dave. I will be back – have no fear – and we will get together with the shiny girl for a good old gab! Thanks for reading and for being a great supporter of us both!!! Love and light to you . ❤️💫🙏❤️


  2. Our divisions are plastic masks of bravado desperately claiming, “I’m better because…I am and we are and who cares why.” They are proof most of us never stop being insecure, so we clump together with people who see us. The price of being seen is too high if it requires us to deny the best of ourselves. You will prevail as you are, Frances. I have no doubt.

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  3. Frances Sullivan

    You are melting away the plastic and I am trying. I feel the price of denial of myself is too high, now. I want to be seen. I believe we have come too far to turn back now. Thank you. Your words encourage and inspire me today more than you know


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