Unicorn.jpgDear Friends,

In a small room overlooking the sea, a child sits dreaming of faraway lands, of queens and kings and crowns of silver and gold. Her vista includes verdant pastures where horses graze with sheep and cattle. Gardens overflow with colourful foodstuffs, and lavender scents the air. The homes are safe and warm, and people smile and sing and dance in celebration of life in its most abundant state.

As the sun sets in the west, the child squints to catch the last glimpse of sails on ships disappearing into the horizon. Aboard those vessels are all her hopes. She watches until her eyes find heavenly bodies shining above and her lids grow heavy knowing she is guarded by the firmament.

Farewell, good night, adieu. Take my wish with you as sleep beckons. Rest peacefully, surrounded by all that you cherish. Dream of what you long for. Hold to your belief that you, those you love, and the very universe itself, will be okay.

Until tomorrow…


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