Seeing utopia…

Utopia.jpgHiya lovely ones!

As I walk to the coffee shop that has become my “office”, I marvel at the blue sky and clear air. Over the weekend, the wind shifted direction, there was a bit of rain, and the smoky air dissipated as quickly as it came. My ears are unplugged and I’m breathing deeply. It helps lift my mood considerably.

So, my landlady has written and my leave date is Wednesday next week. I’ve been in her home four months. It’s been a roller coaster, no question, but the privacy I’ve been afforded has helped me. It’s given me a chance to face myself without prying or concerned eyes interrupting my “process”. And, I do have a process. I can’t bottle it, but it’s there. The space and solitude has enabled me to write my first book and while I’ve lost momentum these last few weeks, I’ll get it back. I’m working on a process for that, too. Have no doubt.

This afternoon I am applying for jobs. Keep your fingers crossed. And with that, I’m going to end because I need some time to digest what is happening in our world. I need to visualize a peaceful place where any speech that isn’t compassionate and kind, is not spoken, not tolerated. I need to see us living harmoniously.

My wish is for Sesame Street and for Mr. Rogers Neighborhood, places where difference is tolerated, communication is encouraged, and learning is valued. In the last few days we have heard a western leader defend hate speech and denounce those who oppose it. Let us not run and hide in fear. Let us not be apathetic but let us instead regroup determined to face off with love, stillness and calm, and peace in our hearts.

Until tomorrow…


6 thoughts on “Seeing utopia…

  1. A book – Whoop whoop, it’s gonna be big, real big! I’m not sure where you are right now but get the feeling things are looking up. Keep the Faith Frances, JKR eat your heart out irl; someone’s on your tail 🙂 XX

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    1. Frances Sullivan

      It’s called “On the Seventh Day”. Keep your eyes peeled. And thanks muchly for the vote of confidence. Means a lot. Must admit I’m struggling to keep the faith. As for being on JKR’s tail, I wish. I’m not the good a storyteller but I’m learning!!! 🙂


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