Only the good ones…

Good.jpgDearest friends,

How I long to write something upbeat, something fun and light-hearted. I’m not sure I can dig that deep except to recall for you that in these last few months I have experienced profound happiness, spontaneous laughter, and moments of confidence, not to mention, extreme gratitude. I was graced with calm surety regarding my writing project, too, certain it was exactly what I was supposed to be doing – furthermore – meant to do. Oh, what joy! And then I flipped. Of course, there was a catalyst – there usually is – but unlike the last several, this one has left me feeling more uprooted and alone than I’ve felt in a very long time. That written, I cling to the joy I felt and try to envision and reimagine the happiness and self-confidence I felt. And while my efforts have not been hugely successful, I do have moments, however fleeting.

So my wish today is for only the good thoughts and feelings. Of course, we cannot sustain that state, but we can strive to, and hope to. In the meantime, I can work toward being kind, patient, and gentle with myself. I’m not at my best, but will endeavour to forgive myself and go easy. Others have extended themselves and shown me extreme kindness. Their spontaneous generosity and patience is holding me up and giving me the courage I need to seek out the good thoughts and feelings. So my wish is manifested, isn’t it? Oh, what joy!

Until tomorrow…


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