In need…

Chaos.jpgDear friends,

Today I cannot put thoughts down at all. I’ve tried repeatedly, but I’m sick to my stomach and filled with too much emotion. So, I’ll ask for good thoughts and healing energy. That’s the best I can do.

My wish is for peace of mind, the kind of peace that settles in when a good plan presents itself – a worthy plan – that can be undertaken with ease.

Until tomorrow…


2 thoughts on “In need…

  1. Sometimes we aren’t meant to do things with ease. As John Kennedy said, we do it not because it is easy but because it is difficult. You have the intelligence and resilience to find your way. Take a break and be kind to yourself, then seek the path you need. Fear cripples. Know there is a way or you wouldn’t be here. Don’t focus on the obstacles; focus on your goal. You aren’t alone but the task is yours.


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