Being understood…

CommunicatingHello friends,

I want to write something but am empty headed except for a concern I have. It’s not earth shattering – I’ve expressed the same worry before – but it’s that I’m not sure my true self is coming across in the blog. I’m not drilling down or reaching high enough – or something. I’m not sure why, I just think that as I wander around in my head and write the words, the message I get is not the one you’re getting.

The reason I say all of this is because of comments I’ve read, and quotes that appear. And it’s all good, because if it drives me to be more direct, to be clearer, then fantastic. My heart’s desire is not to bafflegab with my words, but to share clear, concise thoughts and ideas that help me expand my own heart and reach further into the valley where awareness thrives.

So my wish today to close this short and sweet post is for good, better, best communication. No assumptions. If you’re not being understood, say it again with new words, take a different approach, regroup, and try again. But, do not give up. Never give up. If you’ve something that needs saying, trust you will find a way to be heard.

Until tomorrow…


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