More of the unexpected…

SerendipityDear friends!

I use that salutation now with increased confidence because I believe we are becoming friends of a sort. Knowing you read my words and care about the experiences and thoughts, and dreams, I share with you helps me frame what I write. I am especially happy today because I can talk about good news. Let me preface it a bit first though.

The last few blogs have been pointed. I’m working out difficulties in my current space and time by putting reflections on the page. The exercise has produced a modicum of insight and put me on the spot, too. It’s all good, of course, but being where I am in my life demands thoughtful focus and patience. It is a test of my resolve and my core beliefs. Do I have faith I’m doing what I need to do? Will I survive all this? Is my intention aligned with my thought? And on and on the questions flow until yesterday when I finally got a couple of affirming responses to those questions. Both came ‘out of the blue’.

The first was from the woman who owns the house I’m ‘sitting’ in. She replied to an email I sent requesting specifics about time, to tell me she’s not ready to move yet. I’ve been awarded a brief reprieve of at least a couple of weeks – maybe longer. *Sigh of relief and huge hurrah*. The second ‘miracle’ also arrived via email. It was money. Yep, money. Several hundred dollars, in fact, sent by a friend I’ve not heard from in months. I had been on her mind, she said, and she needed to send this cash to me. Just. Like. That. *Another huge sigh of relief.* By the way, she’s not one of those folks I wrote about yesterday who hide behind organizations. She has been saving the world one person at a time for most of her life.

So, here’s the thing. I don’t want to govern my daily existence in this fashion of serendipity although I love that it occurs in my life. I would much prefer a blend of stability and providence. However, I also want to do what I do best and believe the universe (which is me connected to all the energy in me and out there) has my best interest at heart. Get me? I’m on a path. It might be eccentric, exotic, or wildly strange, but it is mine and it has taken me the better part of 50 plus years to commit to it. Why would I try to go back, or not stay the course? I would not, and I cannot because the thought makes me ill. Furthermore, I know life would not be worth living.

Consequently, my wish today is for a clear path to your heart’s call. It takes courage and stamina to break from the herd. Do you recall ever trying to colour outside the lines? It isn’t a supported act by any stretch. But, in order to live extraordinarily, one must be prepared to move beyond the ordinary narrative and find the story that is new, unexpected, and ultimately, glorious. That story, in its simplest telling, will be revolutionary, mind boggling, and heavenly because it will reflect the shiniest and most unique you.

Until tomorrow…


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