It simply is…

Love.1Dear Friends,

I am contrite. I haven’t checked back so I cannot say how long it’s been since my last post, but it’s been too long. That much I know. And…whoosh, I’m in a musty confessional. “Bless me, Father, for I have sinned. It has been, who knows how long, since my last confession.” Surreal.

I’ve been recollecting the parts of me influenced by Mother Church of late. But that’s a contradiction in terms. If indeed Mother was Church, things would be radically different in the world today. Yes, I have that much faith in womankind. I am convinced there would have been more truths told, fewer wars, and far less paperwork if Mother had actually had any real say. Oh, and fewer complications. Seriously, who has time for bureaucracy? Not a busy woman, that’s for sure. Oh well, it’s a pleasant dream.

Another thing on my mind lately is love. A bit ago I was chatting to a young man about a line from my book. Orin says he has decided to chase love in all its incarnations – day in and day out – his purpose will be to chase love. When I shared this with my co-chatterer, the response was, “Yes, if it’s pure love, then it’s great.” “Hm.” I was a bit surprised and replied with, “Isn’t that redundant? It’s like the overused ‘unconditional love’, isn’t it? Love simply is. That we humans put conditions on it is foolish. Love is love.”

So that is my wish for you all. Love. Chasing it in all its incarnations’ means looking for it amidst the challenges, the hard times, and the heartache. It means accepting it when it’s offered, and offering it when there seems a shortfall. Chase it. You’re bound to catch it. You see, it is never running away. It’s standing still, waiting patiently for you to grab all you need and more.

Until tomorrow…

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