Time is…

Hi friends. I’ve so much to tell you that I’ve no idea where to begin. I’ve been doing tons of stuff from salsa dancing to reading excerpts of the book in public places, to meeting some cool people. The book is about 3/4s done and I’m happy with the plot line and characters, by the way.  I’m also close to finishing the query and have an end of the week deadline for it to go out. All in all, I’ve made great progress since coming here. But as abundant and grateful as I feel, there are still challenges. I wake up in a cold sweat many mornings wondering what my next steps will be, how I’ll manage. That’s odd, isn’t it? I mean I’ve made it this far which as many of you know is a long, long way from where I was when I started. I’m different inside and out and can boast quite the list of extraordinaryly miraculous events. So, why heed  the fear? Of course, the only answer I can come up with is – old habits die hard. And, that written, it’s good to see it in black and white – I’ve made it this far why not believe I’ll be just fine tomorrow and the next day. 

The other day I drove. I haven’t been behind the wheel since I left England and its been almost two years since I drove in Canada. Of course, all was well. It’s like riding a bike, eh? That’s the analogy I need to hold to. Few things are as scary in reality as as I imagine them to be. So why do I let things take hold of me and slow me down if only for a second? I don’t know, but I think that’s what I want to ponder for the rest of this month – fear. A biggie and a short month, but it’s a good one. 

Wishing you all courage. We all need a dose of it daily. Sometimes it can help us simply step off a curb, other times it can help us look at a situation differently. Swallowing fear is a courageous move because it means we’re brave enough to try. And trying is what it’s all about. 

Until tomorrow…


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