I believe…

Miracles.jpgHello again, friends!

I’m out to dinner and my host offered her Internet. Not being one to pass on an opportunity, I say “Sure! Thank you” and head into a cool (literally) room to send you all this note. Gotta love people’s generosity.

So, how was your day? Hope it was productive, crazy enough to keep you on your toes, and yet peacefully uneventful. Mine was grand (in my best Irish). That written, I’m in the midst of working through some old shit to make way for new… shit? That can’t be right. Anywho, I am indeed processing – again. Have to accept it because anything else is counterproductive, but a break is desired. I’ve been processing mucho stuff since the bad news was delivered (should rephrase and write “unexpected” news) mid-January. What a ride it’s been! And well, I’m starting to tire slightly. I mean, seriously, it’s been a tad on the chaotic side. Oh, and I’ve still no home, no income, and no plan. Of course, I’ve a roof over my head for which I’m deeply grateful. My cards still work when I buy groceries and for that I’m also grateful. But, the responsible thing would be to at least consider making a plan. Wait a second, I DO have a plan. I’m writing a book! Good, at least I’ve one check mark. Hehe.

Being a creature of habit is akin to slavery, shackled by behaviours that bind you to the dreariest of existences, you plod along doing your master’s bidding, making the tiniest of in roads, until you are knocked back or down by someone, or something. When you get up, if indeed you even do, the cycle begins again. And on and on it goes. (Okay, poetic license deployed there. Humour me.) Why do we do this? It’s great if you do not feel bound to your routines, but hell, if you do, why do you perpetuate the problem? And why am I going on about this? Because, I’m feeling a creature of my own habits, and while untraditional they may be, habits they are. So what to do? Discern. Meditate. Listen. Focus on rockets of desire, and blessings bestowed. Remember to adjust my view and assure I’m looking at only possibilities.

When I lost consciousness all those decades ago, I did not see a light, or family or friends. I saw myself, suspended above my lifeless body. I heard trusted voices speaking to me. A peace like none I’d known before or since enveloped me; there was no fear, regret, or panic. Whatever was to be, would be. When the world went black, it did so with a jolt so powerful I gasped and woke with a start, the lifeless me once again alive. I guess I’ve always believed in miracles. No matter the odds, the matter the situation. Believe.

So I’m wishing for the magic of miracles today. Never doubt. Do not give into fear. Trust in your power to break the chains that bind you. After all, you made them. Now, close your eyes. What do you see? Are you doing what you want to do; living where you want to live; loving the way you know you should? Of course, you are! Bravo.

Until tomorrow…




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