It works both ways…

Phone.jpgDearest friends!

Oh, how I continue to miss you! It’s true. And, because it’s true, and because I’m still focussing on the topic of relationships for at least a few more days, an obvious lesson is standing right in front of me.

As many of you know, and some of you might have figured out, I’ve still no Internet at home. I find going out for it, disruptive. Still, I feel out of the loop and fear you will think I am neglecting you on purpose. Nothing could be further from the truth. Furthermore, in my case, everyone is pretty much on the e-spectrum since I knew no one at all in this funky burg until a few weeks ago. I need a solution for this new experience of feeling disconnected to almost everyone because of a lack of connectivity.

A friend questioned what we did before connectivity. Well, we connected by whatever means was available to us then – the connectivity of the times – you could say. Imagine growing up in the ‘60s without a phone? My grandmother would have been lost had she not been able to write letters. I currently live in house with no Internet, yes. But there is no land line phone, either. I have a phone, of course, and wherever I go I buy a SIM card for that country. (I’m gathering a rather impressive array of them.) But, we all know, on a pay-as-you-go plan, calling England from Vancouver Island would cost a great deal. Solution? FaceTime of Skype, of course, both of which require Internet. Ah ha! See where I want to go with this?

We connect in whatever way works best for us. Sometimes we have to stretch ourselves, work hard, to stay connected. Other times, it’s just too much work. Perspective and choice. We always have both.

So my wish today is for easy connections. I’ve been stressed about not being able to keep in touch, answer mail, or respond to Facebook, but in fairness, I’m doing my best. And that’s good enough. Indeed, having Internet at home would be heaven, but I am doing far better than expected without it and creating a better balance between work and play. Bonus! Anyone up for a hike?

Until tomorrow…


4 thoughts on “It works both ways…

  1. Hey Frances! I’m using Skype on my cell phone these days (no internet required) and they have pretty good monthly flat rates to the UK area – especially if you are calling a landline. Otherwise, enjoy the hiking!


  2. Frances Sullivan

    Keeping connected is always a choice – but always worth the effort. True friendships survive regardless, don’t they?


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