For the thrill of it all…

Butterfly1Hello! I am losing all track of time suddenly. How long has it been? If I actually checked, I think I’d find it’s only been a couple of days, it just feels like forever. Anywho, there is so much happening inside and out and I long to tell you everything!

For starters, the landscape around me is becoming a veritable green house. There are so many varieties of flowering this and blossoming that. I have two varieties of basil and one lemon thyme plant on my windowsill thriving. For those of you who are gardeners, this is Zone 7b and temperate enough for jasmine in protected locations. Sadly, there are fewer gorgeous gardens around than one might imagine. It’s not a particularly affluent part of town where I am, you see, and despite large lots, most yards are decorated with RVs, boats, or rusting cars instead of heather, azalea, or phlox. It makes me laugh, though. It is a part of this community’s eccentric charm, and believe me, eccentric it is.

A few views of the still snow covered mountains are blocked by new foliage on the largest trees, but against such a colourful backdrop, when I do see them, my breath catches in my throat more violently than ever. I love it. And then there’s the harbour. I never forget the water is close by but it is not a constant in my sight line so when, for example, I round a corner and see it, I am at once at peace.

Inside, my head is calm and my heart full. Muse is a constant help and together we’re writing thousands of words a day. Still, progress on the book is slow but the narrative is unfolding in wonderful ways with unexpected plot twists and character developments I could not have foreseen months ago. Of course, I miss England but am not languishing in longing, rather I am functioning on the joy thinking of it brings me. Such a change in perspective! All in all, I am doing well. I feel very fit mentally and physically. No, there’s no sign of money yet, but I will never give up hope that everything will work out and that I will be okay. Oh goodness, enough of this stuff. I am dying to tell you about yesterday.

I’ve met someone here who lives an extraordinary life. Directly involved in aviation (among other things), this person oversees the repair and restoration of two planes. Now, these aren’t your garden variety aircraft but two of the largest buckets of aluminium you can imagine. Once troop carriers, they were refitted after the war to take on water and have been used for decades to douse forest fires along the west coast of Canada and the US. Sitting in the pilot’s seat was thrilling. Even now, I find myself smiling. Oh, what would it be like to fly it? I can’t even imagine.

I admire people who bite into life instead of letting life bite into them. It’s almost impossible for someone like me to comprehend how they do it. I watch life, of course, but remain too afraid of failure and my own shadow to get truly involved. Outcomes loom large, and always envisioning the worst, I stay safe on the fringes. I am not sure I can shoulder the boldness required to jump in the fray at this late stage, but I so want to challenge my fears and put at least some of them aside. Or should I just continue to watch and see if I can learn anything? A healthy dose of both would be nice.

And with that, the sun has decided to make an appearance so this might be the right time to wander out and make my way toward Wi Fi. It’s early and I have lots more to do but want to let you know I’m thinking of you which I can only do if I get this online.

Wishing you lots and lots of thrilling moments. There is a trick to capturing them, though, me thinks. It means we accept that they are lying in wait for us in the most unexpected places. They wait patiently in the wings of airplanes and butterflies, in babies’ smiles and lovers’ sighs. They can be experienced in both tiny and massive measure many times a day. It might surprise us to know we do not need to seek thrills because they will find us when we open our heart to life’s mystery and magic. It matters not our age, only our ability to allow.

Until tomorrow…


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