Reminiscientses and a mermaid…

Hello every lovely body! 

Today I wrote all day. What joy! Late afternoon, because I expected to go to dinner, I washed up. Plans changed so I headed down to the quay alone on foot. 

Being in this small town has advantages. Probably because I’ve not sorted the Internet issue at home, I get out a lot. As a result, I’ve already been asked to read bits of my work at two separate events. True, only one request was made from a reader, but I’m still chuffed. It’s not something I saw myself doing but I relish the idea and will make sure I follow up with both requests. I swallowed the “I’m not worthy” attitude with my appetizer. 

Right now I’m in a really funky place, an artsy gem in this rustic backwater. Oh, how I admire people’s tenacity and creativity. This venue reminds me of a friend’s home, actually. I believe the owner and my friend are sisters from another mother. Their estethic is so similar. They even resemble each other. 

That’s the thing about travelling, or moving about the way I have. Everyday brings me a new something. And each day gets easier. 

My wish tonight is for ease. We can make things far more difficult than they need to be. Breathe. Allow. Relax and trust. Life has your back, you just have to believe it! 


2 thoughts on “Reminiscientses and a mermaid…

  1. Frances Sullivan

    You know, I sort of find a ‘mini tribe’ wherever I go. Perhaps I seek them, or they find me. Whatever the case, I need them – we all need our ‘tribe’. I am always so very grateful ‘we’ found each other.


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