A Rainbow Message

Hello friends! 

I’m out tonight running errands in the rain and thinking of things, most of which will wait till another time. I’m without my computer, talking to you from my phone. It sounds so personal, doesn’t it? Anywho, I’m enjoying the wifi at Boston Pizza along with a vegan Mediterranean pasta dish. Heaven. And speaking of heaven, remember yesterday’s post about rainbows? Well, the picture tonight is of one that greeted me as I rounded the corner on the way to get some groceries last night. Amazed? I was. I took it as a sign, a sign that I’m okay and doing exactly what needs doing. And makes me believe that my relationship with myself is on a good course. 

My wish tonight is for rest. Resting isn’t a skill in this modern era. We term it “laziness” when folks keep ahead of stress by resting. Relaxation is a gift brought to the meditator and with it comes clarity of mind and spirit. You do not meditate without being at rest. So can I have an ohm, please? 🙂

Until tomorrow…


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