ArrowsmithI wrote most of this 3 days ago. It’s taken me 3 whole days to get find a quiet spot with Wi-Fi so I could post it.

Sitting in the arrivals area at an almost deserted ferry station has me thinking about all the different ways we travel and how cities and towns arrange to transport people where they want or need to go. The island I’m currently on is 4xs smaller than England, for example, with less than ¾ million people compared to the 53+ million England purports to have. Travelling around Europe is fairly easy with a variety of ways available to get you from point A to point B. Ground transport can be more be costly than airfares which are beyond reasonable. Recall my 10 pound ticket to Ireland? Here, however, it’s the opposite with the cost of air travel being steep. In fairness, though, Canada’s population is small compared to other parts of the world and the country, vast. In fact, that I can get to where I’m heading via public transportation at all, is a gift.

Ah, it appears another ferry has arrived. The taxi cabs lining up was a first clue. People are making their way out the automatic doors marked “Do Not Enter” toward the parking lot. Some are carrying those luscious blended drinks from that coffee company (ahem) making me even hungrier than I am. I skipped breakfast figuring I’d have a chance to eat along the way but I’ve not done so. My mind is drumming up pictures of smoothies and mixed lettuce salads. Hopefully I’ll find some place to eat once in town. It shouldn’t be long now. As if on cue, I see my bus pulling into the parking lot. After a look at my ticket, the driver takes my bags and I board.

The hour and half ride takes us through some pretty spectacular scenery supplied in part by the Vancouver Island Range, a sub-range of the Insular Mountains. As we climb, the wilderness closes in but as we begin the descent, I can see what will be my neighbour for the next few months, Mount Arrowsmith. At almost 6000 feet, she is still snow covered. I’m happy about the views because the town itself is not particularly pretty. Hopefully I’ll find other redeeming qualities about it soon, but at first glance it looks as tired as I feel.

So, tomorrow will be busy enough getting settled in. As for right now, I need some food and a good night’s sleep. I’m still struggling with time zones and which side I’m on, but that will sort itself soon enough.

My wish tonight is for happy travels where ever you might be going. Whether it’s to the grocery store or the Isle of Capri, it matters not. Take your time. Breathe deeply. Enjoy. Be present in the moment. Life is a glorious and good thing most of the time. Travel with it rather than against it. That is a key to happiness.

Until tomorrow…


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