PortAlberniA lot can change overnight. A lot can change in an instant. Time, eh? When I left Canada, determined to reside in England, it was early winter, 2015. I knew I’d return, I just couldn’t say when having to turn over my passport and all. Eight weeks ago, I was escorted through Gatwick Airport by a pleasant, chatty immigration officer whose job it was to escort me to the other side of security before handing back said passport. The Home Office had decided I didn’t deserve residency and so I had to leave the UK. I felt displaced and resented everything that was happening. The only reprieve for me was a bright, welcoming place to stay not too far away.

Ireland had never been on my radar, but coming here felt easy, not to mention close. My UK daughter and my wonderful friends were just a short flight, or ferry ride away. Of course, I’ve not seen any of them since I’ve been here, but that’s understandable. I hadn’t planned to leave any more than they had considered planning a trip to Eire. But it’s all good. I’ll be gone in less than two days.

So, I wrote yesterday that while a move was imminent, there was no solid plan. That’s all changed. I now have a ticket, a gracious and kind early morning escort to the airport, and a few accommodations booked and waiting for my arrival. The first one is a very affordable room for two nights. I knew full well that after preparing to leave and then travelling for 32 hours, I’d need to relax and decompress. Are you asking yourself where I’m going that it takes that long? I sort of gave you a hint. Anywho, it’s not distance as much as time. The best rates often are so because layovers are mixed in. That doesn’t bother me. I’m just very happy I could buy a ticket at all.

My final destination is a house sit in picturesque village. I’ll be settled for 3 1/2 months or so but busy making plans. Can I execute them all? Only time will tell.

My wish is that any habits, patterns, or practices holding you back, keeping you down, or making you feel yucky, be released or transformed. I wish that we all see and consciously choose to rise above what restricts us and keeps us from feeling free. We can, you know. We just have to believe.

Until tomorrow…


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