And She Is Off, Almost!

TravelWhen I finished Limitless (my post, not the movie) less than two hours ago, I was flying. Exuberant, I got up and began the sorting process. It’s what I do when I’m leaving a place and preparing for next steps. Carefully, piece by piece, I examine the few items of clothing I have to decide whether they will travel with me or end up in a charity shop.

For less than $20 dollars, I bought a new-to-me trench coat in Dublin. It will travel. I quite like it, but that means I’ve added weight. Nothing worse than being over what’s allotted for baggage at an airport check-in so a few things must go. A pair of cargo pants (that I really like) almost fell off the last time I wore them. Gangsta is my least favourite style so they can start the “for charity” pile. My good mood helps make this often nerve wracking job easier. There’s a pair of shoes that I shouldn’t have brought in the first place, two more pairs of trousers I’ve grown out of, some t-shirts and a sweater. There might be more. Hurray.

Next comes the toiletries. I dispose of packages when possible. My razor and blades go in a shoe along with other small items like jewellery and socks. I always stuff the shoes, then bag them in shopping bags I can use for groceries later on. Of course, all the liquid-y creamy stuff must be checked but can weigh me down, so I have to careful about balancing the load between suitcases. If it’s a long flight, a change of clothes, packaged wet wipes, travel size toothpaste and brush along with peppermint and lavender essential oils in the clear baggy, are placed on top. The oils help me feel relaxed and fresh no matter how long I have to hang about on the ground, or in the air.

The almost empty stuff gets used or left behind, of course. My carry on is usually packed to the brim but is seldom over the limit and not always even weighed. I figure they take a look at me and figure it can’t be too heavy if I intend to hork it over my head into the storage compartments. Haha. Little do they know! Regardless, I always attempt to get it right weight wise. It’s not easy. I’m not on holiday, you know. I’m carrying clothes and a few incidentals to keep me for 6 months or more and without a set of scales, it’s easy to get it wrong, which I have. That’s why I carry a purse the size of Nova Scotia.

And so, it’s almost done. I’ve assigned certain items to new locations and designated others to the bin. Now, I wait with bated breath to find out where I’m going.

Ah, you thought I knew, didn’t you? Nope, not yet, but hopefully very, very soon.

Tonight’s wish if for stability and the security of a place to call ‘home’. Wandering can be fun, but only when it’s a desire. When it is forced upon you, and you feel you are trapped, running away, or being pushed, it’s awful. Those wanderers who are displaced, live in fear. They are often scorned, looked down up, and marginalized. They might end up disenfranchised and as such, become voiceless. Let’s strive to salvage any soul we think suffering this way. It might be easier than you think. Check out with this city did.

Until tomorrow…


2 thoughts on “And She Is Off, Almost!

    1. Frances Sullivan

      We are in sync. This morning I had a thought. If I keep striving to accept and clear, clear and accept with a single intention to love and give more, I’ll end up so
      enlightened that I can hire myself out to stadiums for night games. Shine on! Here’s to travelling in rays of light. Lots of appreciation coming your way, dear friend. x


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