A Balancing Act of Sorts…

SeesawWhen you think of an addict, you tend toward pretty negative thoughts, yes? I used to, too, until I realised images and ideas about what an addict is are diversionary in nature. When we’re shown a picture of some bloke in a gutter covered in vomit and dried blood, our binge drinking Friday is excused because we made it home. It’s a matter of degrees, we tell ourselves. As long as I can get up for work, or remember the night before, I’ve no problem, we say. Hm.

I’m not so sure anymore. Everything in life is about degrees. We’d never say somebody who must walk xx miles a day, or eat only xx calories has an addiction, but maybe they do. Their gutter is the anxiety they feel when they don’t walk, or after they’ve eaten too much. Their gutter is not as public but it can be isolating.

Exploring degrees is challenging. Everyone must find their own balance. As alike as we are, we humans are different in some extreme ways. Where one person can drink copious amounts of alcohol on a regular basis, another is wrecked after a half bottle of light beer. Our biology is uniquely ours, a fact that is proved with illness. And just like illness, some of us work successfully to bring balance and health back to our bodies, while others succumb to disease. So, what drives us to keep hurting ourselves?

I’ll take a leap here in the early days of this topic and say I’ll bet (no money involved) value and worth have something to do with addiction. Can I make a money connection? Not directly right now, but let’s see where this goes, shall we?

I am wishing today for a balance that works for me. My teeter totter might not look like yours and that’s okay. You might be able to help me get steady on it and I might in turn be able to help you find your centre. I appreciate any help you’re inclined to give. It’s all about balance.

Until tomorrow…




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