Almost Done With Money!

So it’s been a great day. I’m slowly learning a new language and discovering new places to haunt. Dublin continues to surprise me. I continue to surprise myself. I’m okay, you know?

If you ever want to visit this place, walk off any main thoroughfare and buy a coffee (or beverage of choice). Take a seat outside. Smile at passers by. Soon, one will ask for change. Make sure they are local and give them .50€. Before you know it, as a thank you, they will give you a lesson in local lore and history. Pay attention. You’re likely to learn more about Dublin in 5 minutes than you dreamed possible. The joy is that you heard it all from someone who loves their home with a strong and pure devotion.

I’m on the bus travelling home after my pre-birthday treat of a massage. Boy, did I need a kneedng! Lol. Seriously, what joy. I got to see stuff and spend a glorious sunny day with the greatest friend. What could be better? Not much. I am well and truly blessed.

My wish tonight is that no matter your finances you look for the best options for enjoying life to the fullest. They are there just like that font of knowledge who needs .50€.

Until tomorrow…


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