Still dreaming…19

Dream1The discussion about dreaming, what it means to us and for us, isn’t over. I need to explore it further within the context of money. Interesting how the two share a great deal. The links are both subtle and obvious, but the more ethereal threads are surprising me, as is the entire concept of dreaming.

The planet is filled with dreamers. Some we know like da Vinci, Tesla, or Disney. Millions of others we will never hear about, ordinary people who follow their hearts and never give up, are unsung. As I was thinking about this earlier, oddly, I recalled Marie Curie whose persistence changed the world. Her habits brought about an early death, but the rest of us learned great lessons from her dogged determination in the lab. She once said nothing in life is to be feared; it is only to be understood. I wish I could understand why I persisted in giving up on my passions and dreams.

So today is a “down” one for me. All this review is drudging up uncomfortable ‘stuff’. I’ll have a look at it and see what needs attention but I’ve a pretty good idea what this black dog is doing here and what I have to do about it. My goodness, habits are tough to change sometimes, aren’t they? And yes, money’s woven into the mix along with choices.

I wish for the courage to face honestly any and all fears that might be keeping you from your dreams.

Until tomorrow…



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