Honestly it’s about money…20

Head in sandCan you be honest when it comes to money? I’m lousy at it. Of course, I struggle with honesty generally, but money’s a big one. I’d like nothing more than to confess to you that making up stories about money is merely a bad habit, but that would be another lie. And this is a pisser – I don’t always know when I’m fibbing. Odd, eh? Why? I’m not sure, but figure it’s got something (everything) to do with pride – the false kind.

Why can’t I accept who I am? Gosh, there’s tons of reason for that. Who hasn’t wished to be somebody else for even a short time? We wish to be anyone other than who we are because we feel inadequate. When, however, I espouse riches I don’t possess (or poverty that isn’t real) and put myself in jeopardy with the lie, it’s because I cannot face myself. Pure and simple. I hate where I’ve put myself and equate it directly with who I am. It’s all rubbish and I bury myself with the crap.

Being honest is hard. It might be one of the hardest things we are asked to do in our search for enlightenment and freedom. However, if we get honest, if we face the truth head on, we just might break the barrier holding us captive. Funnily, it’s a barrier we might not have even known existed.

Honesty, when it comes to everything in our life, is critical. Regarding money, it can mean the difference between poverty and wealth. Yep, it’s that stark. Get real, face the facts about the games you play, the truth you avoid, and the language you use, and you might find yourself flush. Wow, wouldn’t that be gas?

I wish tonight for – what else – honesty. Like dreams, honesty can be multi-dimensional. Capital “H” honesty is an infallible principle. Without it we will not, we cannot, find our way to Love. I for one, want all the Love I can get. Guess that means I’d best work on getting honest.

Until tomorrow…

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