Money on day 6…

LaughterRight. It’s late so this has to be fast which means I’m seeking forgiveness in advance for typos, and brevity. (Did I hear you say, “the shorter the better”? Meany.)

Today was a full day, and a happy one for the most part. Inspiration came calling. I suspect she’s been on a diving holiday off Sipadan, lucky thing. Never mind, I love the bitter wind and bone chilling damp of Ireland (said no one, ever!). Regardless, it was nice of Muse to drop by. It was extra special today. Earlier, I had a mini melt down, you see. Can you guess what the cause of my going molten was? You’d be right if you guessed, money. Go figure!

Circumstances this morning reminded me rather brutally that I’ll shortly be broke, indigent, down and out. Now, remember in yesterday’s post I wrote about how we exaggerate our financial situations because it’s just the way we talk about money? Well, I know it’s true because I’ve done it for decades. That’s not the case now. I try not to embellish or buy into a pattern of shortage-speak because I realise how far away from the bottom I was in the past. Of course, I’d give anything to go backwards and notice how many wonderful options I had. The problem is, I doubt I’d have known what to do with them unless I took today’s me back.

Anywho, I could have stewed and fretted over things today, but instead I took a deep breath, got some fresh air, and went to the mall. I won’t weep and moan in a public place.

I wish for laughter. Have you noticed how a good comedian can turn truly difficult, even painful situations, into funny ones? I want more of that talent. Seeing humour is beneficial. It can help get us through the rougher days.

Until tomorrow…





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