Still about the money…4

PicassoRight, so my last post was a vlog on March 4th which means I missed a day. Despite a solid effort to post something yesterday, I did not because I was happily distracted. I’ll post twice today to make up for it.

I have not been idle these last hours. I did chat about the topic at hand and read comments you left which supplied further food for thought. Yesterday, I thought about two particular aspects that plague me: turning down opportunities to support myself and language. I’ll address the latter first.

Do you ever hear people say, “Oh, I wish I could take a holiday/buy a new car/or a new outfit but I can’t afford it”? You conjure an idea of what you think “can’t afford” means and go about your day. When one of those people buy large plants for their already heavily treed garden, or boast a new big screen TV, you find yourself confused. They told you they couldn’t afford a new outfit but obviously that’s not true. Perhaps they would have better expressed it, “I don’t chose to spend money on a holiday. I want a TV.”

Whenever anyone tells me they cannot afford this or that, or when they moan about being broke, I step back and look at their situation. They own property. They are upgrading that property. They have electricity, and running water. Clearly they have equity because they own their home. And it’s obvious they have some disposable income because they’re fixing up that home. They could downsize, rent out rooms and so on. If they do not choose to do that, they are still not “broke”. Not by a long shot. They have options. When one is actually broke and debt ridden, there are far fewer options open.

I am not blaming. People can do what they want with their money. What I am doing is taking them, and myself, to task about the way we express ourselves. Many of us might find we are caught in a negative whirlpool of “poor me” when it comes to our money-speak. If we look honestly, we would likely see we’ve a lot more money in our lives than we think. Heaven forbid we say we’re great and can buy whatever we want!

So what about turning money away? Have you ever done that? I have, and I’m not sure what it means. Why on earth, especially when my head tells me I need money, would I not accept it? Well, the answer is not a simple one. The more I try to explain it, the more I realise I can’t. I need more time to ponder that strange behaviour.

My wish is for clarity around the ability to enjoy all of life’s pleasure including the lovely gifts money can buy. Money is not evil. People who have a lot of it are not evil because of it. Money is a means to an end and nothing more. If you believe we are one, then we are responsible for its creation and equally responsible for its abuse. The same is true of people who acquire great wealth. It is not the money that makes them good or bad but their attitude and behaviour. And because I believe we are one, I also believe that I best not judge anyone else.

Until tomorrow…


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