Closing the Gate Soon on Money…

Writing about money is awkward now. Thinking about it has become an obsession which isn’t surprising given my current situation. If I had it, I wouldn’t have to think about it quite so much except as it relates to this blog and the deeper concepts of value and worth. Regardless, everything I think about is …

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Not So Much About Money…27

A couple friends mentioned I’m being a downer. Blah. Don’t mean to be. My messages aren’t supposed to be about no way out but out, so to that end, tonight’s blog post will be about something slightly different. (Yes, I’m still one behind so need to catch up before I leave money and move on …

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Truth and Money…26

What a difference a day makes, la di da. Dinah is singing about rainbows with her coveted rasp and polished vibrato. It’s lifting my mood beautifully. My temples are burning slightly, the effect of peppermint essential oil. I’m digging the smell. And, speaking of vibrato, who has watched Grace and Frankie’s third season? There’s lots …

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Going Around With Money…24

Am behind – again – and uninspired to top it off. Feeling like I'm between a rock and a hard place, stuck between the devil and the deep blue sea. Could I be any further wedged on the horns of a dilemma? Money. Blah. Does it make the world go round? Liza said it did, …

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A Valuable Walk…23

Not quite Forrest Gump. OH, and overshot the guess by about 5 Km. Next time. LOL Also, I'm a bit of a sad-sack in the video. Sorry.


Value Lessons and More Money Talk…22

Today’s been filled with writing and hair. The writing continues, obviously. The hair is done. Having curls like mine can be fun. One advantage is that grey roots aren’t as obvious when ringlets and frizz are the look of the day. But I can only see them so long before I have to get rid …

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Pandora’s Hope. More Money Talk…21

Don’t rush into anything. There’s no time like the present. Every cloud has a silver lining. Life is short. So many contradictions in these too often repeated clichés. And, there are plenty more pointed phrases. Women are illogical, governed by emotions. Men are reasoning humans, governed by logic. These statements are all true, though. You’ve …

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Honestly it’s about money…20

Can you be honest when it comes to money? I’m lousy at it. Of course, I struggle with honesty generally, but money’s a big one. I’d like nothing more than to confess to you that making up stories about money is merely a bad habit, but that would be another lie. And this is a …

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Still dreaming…19

The discussion about dreaming, what it means to us and for us, isn’t over. I need to explore it further within the context of money. Interesting how the two share a great deal. The links are both subtle and obvious, but the more ethereal threads are surprising me, as is the entire concept of dreaming. …

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Dreaming money…18

Most of us have desires. As one is achieved another takes its place. That’s how we move forward, make our way, and build a life. Ask yourself this: Are my desires really, truly, mine? Are they born of my biggest and smallest, my most possible and most improbable dreams; or, have I sacrificed it all …

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