Present moment…

pastFor the last many months I’ve been surrounded by a bunch of peeps who delight in blathering on about the wonderful past, and I’m tired of it. I might end up throttling some unsuspecting stranger if I hear one more person wax rhapsodic about a kinder, gentler time.

These misguided folks view modern life through a skewed lens. Nothing new is worthwhile, rather it is garish, or complicated. Modern conveniences are intrusions, music nothing but discordant noise, and do not get them started on the Internet. That technology, according to them, is nothing but one humongous problem! It’s as if time should be frozen, playing on a constant loop, for whatever decade they deem a good one. I get the lure of such thinking, but am inclined to believe it’s not at all helpful. The past should be viewed from all sides and used as a reminder of what we were, and what we still are. But, today is yesterday already and if we don’t relish, cherish, get involved, and create at least the hope of something wonderful right here and right now, building a much loved memory in this very second, haven’t we essentially died? I want to live while I’ve still breath in me.

Early tomorrow, I head off to the airport. (Oh, and no, I’m not leaving ‘jolly ole’ till the 20th of next month. This trip is to pick up UK daughter.) It’s a four plus hour drive on which I’ll have the thrill of a sunrise. I’ll have lots of time to think, too. I do not need lots of time to think, though and intend to think only the good thoughts. Hehe. And many of them will be about the purely glorious, divine, and sacred elements that make life magical. We humans, despite many vehement protestations to the contrary, are still very much a mystery and filled to overflowing with untapped potential.

Many, including me, have been taken in by the 10% brain use myth. In reality, we use all of brains. And come on, of course we would. Having a blob of grey matter sitting up there doing nothing waiting for us to ignite it and become a George Malley, is just silly. George had the ability all along. We just haven’t evolved to that point yet. But have no fear, we are evolving and will do so more gracefully if we stop fantasizing about another time and place as being better than this one. This one is the only one we’ve got in truth so it might be a good idea to make it a good ‘un.

Now, I can almost hear some of you grumbling about the horrors of war, millions in poverty, and the endless avarice of the uber rich. Yes indeed, we’ve got messes. Super-duper gigantic ones. But I cannot fix them with a wave of my wand. I’m not that evolved yet. However, I can wave my wand over my own culpability, and not lash out at others who might aggravate me like the folks spouting on about the past, for example. I can be grateful for my abundance, and not hoard either my resources or my talents. I can take responsibility for my thoughts and any resulting actions. I can breathe in the desire to love and breathe out a desire for compassion. Tall order? Most certainly, but it is an action step and one that brings me back to realising that in this moment, as a cool breeze blows my pretty curtain, partially closed against the light of a gorgeous bright sun, life in the here and now is wondrous.

My wish is for more awareness. The past is not better than the present unless that is my story. And if that is my story why not write it about the present? Because we are here in this moment, we owe it to ourselves and those who will follow, to raise ourselves up. My longing to see beauty and goodness can become an action – I simply see beauty and goodness. Through that lens, one of awareness, my feet would not hesitate to walk for peace, feed the hungry, and share my wealth. See how that works?

Until tomorrow…


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