Leaving again…

Ireland.jpgThere was once a little bunny whose family disappeared one day leaving the little bunny alone. She went in search of her mother and father, her sisters and brothers, but could find no one. Sadly, while searching, the little bunny got lost and was not able to find her way home.

After a time, the little bunny, who was not little anymore, knew only what “Home” felt like since she never did find her way back. She would seek out that feeling whenever she could, and when she found it, would twitch her nose, rise up on her hind legs, and hop around gleefully filling her belly with the warmth of “Home”. Even when the feeling was fleeting, it left her so happy that she knew if she kept believing and looking, she would find “Home” again.

And then, one day, the long searching little bunny, who was not at all little anymore, found it. Oh, she hopped about ecstatically, tiny rabbit tears flowing down her soft furry face. She. Was. HOME! Her family, her carrot patch, and her bunny hole were all there. Her heart opened. She felt safe at last. But there was a catch. She was being told she could not stay. What? She was heartbroken, devastated, and confused.

“I’m a good bunny and even though I was separated from my family all those years ago, and have made some silly choices on my journey, I’ve become a kind and loving rabbit! I have struggled most of my life, been an outcast, and have sometimes been angry and filled with hatred because I lost my “Home”, but now that I’ve found “Home” I feel like it was all worth it. There are other bunnies here like me, who love me, and I love them! I have a beautiful hole in which to sleep. Why can’t I stay?”

But she could not. She had to leave. There were other rabbits who felt she really did not belong and that she should go back to her home of so long ago.

“But I don’t know where that home is! I looked and looked and looked some more and finally found my home. This is my ‘Home’! I know it in my heart.”

But they would not listen to her pleas and sent her away.


My wish today is that no one ever feels the pain of separation. Wait though, that wish is somewhat unreasonable. So, I wish that when separation comes, as it does and as it will, that you reach out and keep travelling toward your “Home”, whatever that means and wherever that is for you, no matter what.

Until tomorrow…

P.S. For those of you who know my personal journey, you might have guessed the decision was not in my favour and so I am on the move again. While I feel quite vulnerable in this moment, now that I’ve experienced “Home”, I’m sure to find it again.

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