Tree medicine…

Woods.jpgI went walking yesterday. It was a ‘walking to clear my head’ walk only my head was pretty clear when I started so I was kind of excited to see what might happen. Of course, nothing happened. No awakenings or visions. I still felt clear when I’d finished my walk, though. It woulda been a bummer if I’d ended up muddled. Probably woulda thrown me off walking all together which wouldn’t be too difficult a thing to do in my lazy arse case. So, it was good.

The path I took was a new one for me. I found some woods. Now, I’m surrounded by woods but it seems the only ones who stroll about in them are the local wildlife. The humans tend to stick to the coast path. Lately, I’ve found the views along the sea too grand sending me into kind of a sensory overload. It turns out – unbeknownst to me – I’ve been missing the woods for their ability to cocoon and calm me. I felt embraced by the flora, fauna, and babbling brook within the forest. Tree medicine was just what I needed.

When I got back home, I washed off the mud and changed clothes. It had started to rain – go figure that, eh, rain in England – and I was just starting to get the now familiar chill so getting out of wet clothes into dry ones felt really good. I was also hungry.

As I ate, I marvelled at how learning I needed to walk in the woods came as a complete surprise. How could I not have known?

Now, I think myself pretty intuitive but I can’t help but doubt it after today. Oh, of course, not all of it. For the most part I follow along and usually know what direction I’m supposed to go in. But this revelation is cool, and has me asking some important questions about the clarity brought through discernment. Perhaps I’m way too focussed on what I want and am therefore missing what I need. Ah-ha.

So my wish is to get back into the present moment; to be aware of each breath; to be still and know that I am fine, and to know that in that sweet moment, there is nothing I can do about ‘this’ or ‘that’. And sure, I need plans and focus. But I also need to be aware that this moment holds everything necessary for me right this second. And so on.

Until tomorrow…


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