Subliminally speaking…

subliminalThe dark parts of her are growing. It makes me feel better. Why should she have what I was denied? I want to make damn sure she does not get what was denied me. So far, my plan is working.

Subliminal messages were successfully woven into advertising when I was little. I can’t remember when I found out about them, but when I did, I was even more determined. And, I can see my suggestions working in Elizabeth. My voice feeds the fire of her doubt, her confidence can’t take a firm hold. Oh, she’s strong, but I can see her weakening, gradually. I just have to be persistent.

After Nanny’s funeral, Lizzie returned to school, settling into classes and daily life with her friends and the nuns. Boarding school was nothing like she’d imagined it would be and she hated it. Looking back she always wondered why she didn’t love it, why she found so many things impossible to love.

Short excerpt from Adopting Elizabeth


I wish tonight for a greater awareness when it comes to ‘subliminal messages’, the voice in our head that prefers a half empty glass. That voice speaks only to defeat us, encouraging our fear and doubt. It is the language of everything de-creative, filled with jealous judgements. There is no room for magic. Meditation can erase that voice and direct us toward awareness needed to fill up the glass. Care to join me as I sit? Om…

Until tomorrow…



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