It’s not mainstream…

churchill-stand-for-something.jpgEach night a Tawny Owl calls out from across this valley I inhabit. I never hear a distinct reply but occasionally there is a treble echo which might well be a response. I figure it’s far off since sounds travel great distances here, or do they? I’m not sure about that. Regardless, I don’t know whether the bird I hear is female or male though it matters not for my purposes. I’m no ornithologist. Anywho, the bird’s resolute call is over now. It begins and ends on cue so it seems. Wait, I hear it again. So it is not finished for the night, but perhaps it tires and that’s the reason the time between each call is longer. And now it’s done.

I love that I’m hearing something repetitive. I’m not good at repeating. Is that a failing? Perhaps. Nevertheless, it’s me. Lately, I’m back to ripping strips off myself as I watch my beautiful friends build houses for those in need, give up warmth to “stand” in the frigid cold, and finish a message long percolating. What good am I?

Each of us has a purpose. These beautiful souls are following theirs. Am I?

My wish tonight is that I “stand”. Simple? Maybe not. Standing, as we’ve witnessed lately, is not so easy. It means I stand up to stand for, stand with, or stand in my power. It means I get up, take a position, and get off the fence. Wow. It is so not easy, is it? But I wish for the strength to do that – because it matters. I want to matter, so I think I’ll stand up now.

Until tomorrow…

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