Make a list…

Happy.jpgIt seems especially difficult to finish a post these days. For the first time ever, I’ve two documents open with writing on both, and cannot finish either. Furthermore, I don’t feel them remotely suitable. The blog is supposed to be spontaneously written, so that much struggle defeats the purpose. So, I’ve abandoned both and decided to write you a list. Let’s call it “my happy list” because that’s what it is.

I’ve been horribly down lately. No, scratch that. I’ve been in the throes of an episode which ended today. Nothing has changed. Nothing at all, but my mood shifted and so I decided to give thanks by writing out some of the things that make me happy.

They are the same things that make me happy regardless of what’s going on. I just wanted to make a list. Oh, and it is in no particular order.

  1. When the sun shines and it is raining so I can look for the rainbow.
  2. When a stranger I’ve smiled at, smiles back.
  3. When someone says, “Thank you”.
  4. A hot, no foam soy latte with cinnamon.
  5. Soft hair.
  6. Pictures of my granddaughter.
  7. My daughters.
  8. Dreaming.
  9. Comfortable shoes.
  10. Going to the cinema.
  11. Yoga (especially savasana). Meditation.
  12. Being welcomed by chickens.
  13. Seeing sheep and cows grazing.
  14. The sound of a running stream.
  15. Standing on the edge of the sea and breathing in the salty air.
  16. A horse’s nose.
  17. A dog’s paws.
  18. An owl’s call.
  19. Driving.
  20. The feeling of fear and apprehension when you start off to do something for the first time and the feeling of joy when you’ve done it.
  21. Soft, warm rain on my face.
  22. Running downhill.
  23. Laughing.
  24. Making someone laugh.
  25. Reading the classics.
  26. Crying unabashedly.
  27. A warm handshake.

There’s tons more. Isn’t that amazing? These things make me smile, make me feel good. They are simple, free, and can be enjoyed several times a day. Such a good reminder.

And so that is my wish. Write a list. My hope is that you will find there are a good many wonderful aspects of your life that bring contentment, and joy. I’m enjoying thinking on my list. I bet you will, too.

Until tomorrow…

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