Right here. Right now.

treeIt’s not uncommon to wait for the ball to drop, is it? After these last few days of revelations it would be uncharacteristic for me not to have some doubts. I just don’t want to give in to them, and am closely guarding the good feelings, aware of even the teeniest hint of a disparaging thought. When I hear them, and they’re pretty darn subtle, I tend to laugh at them. I can then sense them sulking, hating to get caught out. They want me back the way I was, the way I’ve been most of my life, negative and weak. Sorry, not going back. Couldn’t if I wanted to – for real.

Funnily enough, lately I hear a lot of people express the desire to go back. They tell me life was better ‘then’. When I hear it, I tend to recoil and think, ‘Really. Life was that much better? How so?’ The questions are rhetorical, but the point I’m making is that it’s nonsensical to long for the past. It’s not only a waste of time, but it makes being present impossible! I mean how can you be grateful for all you have going on in your life today if you’re thinking the only good time you ever had was summer vacation, 1963? Don’t get me wrong, I’m not dissing reminiscences, they’re great! What I’m talking about is disengaging with your life in the here and now, finding tons of fault with the world ‘today’, and romanticising bygone days. There’s a difference.

Of course, this projection is more an age thing. Young people are active participants in their scene, aware, on top of what’s new, and trending. With the years, many stop trying, stay patterned, tire of change. I can see the cycle in that, can you? You ramp up, plateau, and then slowly back down. Ugh!

I like the music of my youth as much as the next person, but love new music, too. I change my hair, clothes, and make-up styles regularly. I redecorate, move, or try new things from food to exercise. Some of it is instinctive, some not so much, but I’ll hazard a guess changing things up promotes longevity.

So my wish tonight is to find your step, your pulse, your enthusiasm for life in this very moment. Look around. Are you judging something harshly because it is new? Are you longing for something to return to the way it ‘used to be’? If so, shake that shit off! It is not helpful. Stretch. Try some rap. It isn’t so bad. Listen to Shad’s Rose Garden. And enjoy your computer. It’s fun! Wikipedia something you always wanted to know about, or Google Earth yourself to an exotic place you’ve always wanted to see. Remember, yin/yang? You can choose what you see when you look. Choose to see what is great, and wonderful, harmonious, and exciting in your life. You’ll be surprised to see how much great and beautiful stuff is around right here, and right now.

Until tomorrow…



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