Expecting the expected…

snowLast night, I did something for the first time. Well, it wasn’t actually for the first time. In fact, I’ve done this thing many times, but last night I took a new approach to it, and the result was quite lovely. I’d recommend it.

I think that’s true of a lot of things. When I directed choir, I loathed routine. I was always looking for new music, or new ways to sing old music, for example. Sure, sometimes we get tired, and it’s all we can do to get through even the easiest task let alone come up with a new one, but changing things up can offer a whole new perspective to an otherwise mundane activity.

Last night’s alterations to routine were subtle, and although there was nothing earth shattering about the evening, no epiphanic revelations, I felt a renewed enthusiasm and sense of connection. I had a good time, and met the most interesting people, too, which seems to happen when I expect it. Isn’t that interesting?

So this is my wish tonight, to expect marvelous happenings. Expect them for you and for others. Expect peace, expect prosperity, expect wellness, and expect love. Sure, all that marvelousness might not manifest before your eyes, but your sincere desire for it is not wasted. Your desire is energy, and like a giant snowball rolling downhill, it is gaining momentum as it picks up similar desires from other people who also expect beautiful happenings. Let it snow marvelous happenings!

Until tomorrow…



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