Thankful tears…

IMG_2287.JPGThe night sky is beautiful here when clear. Because I live far from civilization no ambient light interferes with celestial viewing. There are no street lamps, or high rise office buildings illuminating the dark. It is easy to pick out constellations and gaze in awe at clusters like the Milky Way. You can also count satellites, dozens of them, flitting around taking photos, measuring things, listening, or doing whatever it is they do. Mostly, though, it is just the stars and planets twinkling and shining up above.

We are not on a flight path here, so there are seldom planes. The heavens, like the land, are quiet. At this time, approaching the witching hour, the rooks are hunkered in their nests, the owls have stopped chatting, the sheep are sleeping, and my world is quite still. The nearly full moon is reflecting off the window frames in shards of light that brighten my duvet. I welcome her.

Growing up surrounded by Canada’s Great Lakes, I’ve always found solace near the water, but here where there are tides, is a different experience. I get to feel the pull of Earth and Moon under my feet. It takes my breath away sometimes.

This afternoon, I wandered to the café at the cove. The tide was in despite the early hour and the scene was glorious to my eye. The little bistro was busy, filled with hikers enjoying the sun. I suddenly found myself fighting tears as I looked across the rocks at the vast seascape. A fishing boat, way out, was making its way slowly toward harbour. I focussed my gaze there until the feeling passed. I hate crying in public.

The reason for the emotion was joy. I adore being here in this place, in this country. I was filled to overflowing with gratitude, the gratefulness that comes when one realises how blessed she is to be seeing what she is seeing in a place that makes her heart soar. I felt like the luckiest person alive.

I still do.

My wish tonight is a simple one. If you are warm, safe, and loved, give thanks. If you are not, give thanks. Always remember to be thankful for the unseen gifts such as a beating heart. We are such miracles and sometimes we overlook the miraculous in our own lives. Tonight I give thanks.

Until tomorrow…


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