Breathe in then out…

BreatheToday was particularly harsh and my energy tonight is particularly low as a result. Some days are harder than others for no obvious reason. It’s just the roller coaster called life.

A beautiful new acquaintance who is quickly becoming a friend, listened to me today without judgment, and gently reminded me that dark days make us appreciate the light ones that much more. She also suggested I simply breathe. I’ve done the latter that and it has gotten me through to this hour. Thank you, J.

And so I’ll offer my wish this night which is for surrender. I wrote recently about having waved a great many white flags in my time. I’ve got more to raise it seems. Sometimes when you feel perplexed and desperate, the fight or flight response nudges you to raise your dukes or make like Forrest and run. And it seems natural. We aren’t relaxed or comfortable doing nothing, are we? But when we surrender and let things be, we drop any resistance to whatever the situation is and let go of the desire to fight or fly. We simply breathe. By doing so we create a space for new direction, or healing, or more love or all of the above. Siiiggghhh.

Until tomorrow…

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