It’s all in my mind, mostly…

Healthy mind.jpgI did an exercise this morning. Some might call it setting an intention. For me, it’s serious stuff, very necessary, and uplifting if only for a second.

After all the block-busting of this last year and then some, habits or feelings that recur on a regular basis are clear and I’m so over those that pull me under. Since they keep visiting, however, I’ve obviously got more work to do. Hence, setting the intention this morning to start my day as a healthy, productive, active, and abundant person.

A healthy mind is a glorious thing. It is free from worry, and focussed on the task at hand. It tends to be solution based and quick. It dwells neither in the past nor the future but might wander to either place briefly for fun. A healthy mind reinvents stories, alters situations in a way that serves many, and can pause to review a situation before making a judgement. A healthy mind picks its battles wisely, does not waste time but knows relaxation is a critical key to wellness. A healthy mind likes stimulation, deep breathing, and calm, and knows how to get what it needs. In full cooperation with its body, a healthy mind ensures overall wellness and happiness.

Now, when I write about the assurance of health and happiness that comes with balance, do not misunderstand. Life will continue to happen. There’s a lot – I mean a LOT – of shitty, awful stuff that happens outside of us, not to mention inside if disease strikes. But how we decide to handle the horrors is what keeps the good energy flowing. Does life happen to you? I’m pretty sure that’s a recipe for a savory stew of victim-hood. I’m also pretty sure I’ve lived a lot of my life letting life happen and was an unconscious victim. I know better now though so must do better.

I did manage to roll with the flow of many opportunities that showed up for me, however, but did not understand the concept of perseverance, or how tenacity could make things happen. Any rejection at all became my cue to change gears which usually meant giving up on those opportunities. But then, to save face, I’d have to invent a story about why I gave up, who did me wrong, or what cataclysm befell me to crush my dreams. All that excuse narrative afforded a chance to write some juicy stuff, too, but instead of constructing an Austenesque novel via my optics, I just flapped my gums. Drat.

I’m getting pissed off with meself, so will end. I have a proposal to write and want to reclaim the focus of my initial intention which, was to stay positive today.

So, my wish is for perseverance and tenacity. Holding firm to a dream and putting one foot in front of the other daily to achieve that dream will always bring about success. There is no judgement in the universe, only laws like cause and effect and attraction. Of course, world peace is best put out as a dream of the collective, and might yet be centuries away, but believing I am worthy of love is doable now, in this very moment. Wonderfully, the magic is in the statement because as I write it, I can feel it. And if only for a second I am uplifted. Sweet.

Until tomorrow…

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