It’s that easy…

Climber reaching outWriting has been challenging since my last post. It is too easy now to talk myself out of putting some thoughts into a word doc before cutting and pasting into WordPress. Once there, it’s a quick scan, a click on “Publish” and voila, fait accompli! Odd how only a few months ago the promise to post every day made it happen. I guess I’m proud of myself for living up to that promise. I managed to say something no matter the weather, mood, or level of inebriation. Suddenly, I’m struggling to string one sentence together let alone a few dozen. What’s up with that?

Well, I do not know the answer in spite of having asked the question a few times. Tonight, as I bask in the glow of an exquisite crescent moon (exquisite because for a change there are no clouds so I can see not only a lunar glow but stars, too!) I am simply dumbfounded about it all. I figured I simply needed to touch base even if little or nothing is really said. Except that maybe there is a little something. Or, maybe two.

The first thing is that I might have been on to something with wishes. What harm could it do to share a wish every day? Maybe I’ll think about that and see if doing that is doable.

Second and lastly is that something very sweet happened today and it reminded me that people care.

I’ve been feeling horribly out of sorts for a few days. The last two have been particularly frightful. At times I felt I would explode. I couldn’t put my finger on a cause, it did not resemble a depressive episode (though they can be tricky), and the feeling felt quite new to me. As a result, I was not sure how to respond.

My standard pattern, (after initially feeling the panic when the feeling is new and all) is to relax and surrender. This can cause a disruption to your day let me tell you, but it’s the only thing I’ve found that works effectively. It gets to the root of the “problem” at some point.

Anywho, I was feeling bereft yet again this morning after a lousy night’s sleep and decided to call someone. Lo and behold, she’d been thinking to call me, too. After about 30 minutes, I began to lighten up and insights came. I could see a few things I’d been doing – or rather not doing – which was part of the reason for feeling the way I was. Miraculous.

I won’t elaborate further tonight because I just won’t, but promise to get back on track somehow with my posts. There are things I’ve not written about that I said I would. There is lots to talk about in general, yeah? And seriously, it helps. It just does.

Tonight I wish for silvery moons and clear skies. I wish for helpful conversations that uplift and affirm. Sure, that’s kind of vague, I suppose, but sometimes vague is obvious. Beneath the silvery moon and clear skies are troubled souls in need of understanding. Tomorrow, when you buy your morning coffee, lunch, or after work drink with friends, buy an extra one for a person who needs to be uplifted and affirmed. No questions. No conditions. Just do it. You’ll be connected to an unknown stranger you’ve touched deeply. Goosebumps.

Until tomorrow…

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