Moving mountains…

potential.jpgIt is tomorrow as in the day after yesterday and I’ve given thought to the topic of last night’s post which focussed on my – uh – issues regarding an inability to appreciate my aging body. Redo 365 was meant to redress views on getting older and while I’ve made some leaps, it seems I might have missed a few things. Doh!

Do any of you recall others’, or perhaps even your own, cogitations on the passage of time and its effects? Expressions like “I’d want to be young again but only if I could know what I know now.” Or, “Youth is wasted on the young.” Of course there are lots of analogous phrases echoing similar sentiments, but they weren’t driving my thinking today because they didn’t seem relevant somehow. You see, I’m not longing for the past or feeling my youth was wasted. I’m just tired of allowing time, and gravity, to dictate how I’ll look. Whoa Nellie, eh? Yeah.

And now, I can hear y’all shoutin’ at me. “Frances, you’ve lost it. You’ve no control over either time or gravity. None of us do. You’re spitting in the wind if you think you do. Remember Joan Rivers (May she RIP) and drop this line of thought!” Well, well. Let’s talk.

So because I believe we’ve – and when I say ‘we’ I mean all of us as a vast collective – constructed over tens of thousands of years most everything we see, we’ve likely created much of the aspects of our own demise and consequently, aging. Does everything have a lifespan because it does, or because we expect it to?

Being a part of a group that is re-thinking aging has allowed me access to all kinds of stories that challenge accepted thought. The group questions traditional teaching regularly and we know we are on to something. For example, brain plasticity and altering genetic coding via that very same plasticity used to be the stuff of science fiction. It is no longer. Science is moving to prove we have more control than we were led to believe over something as omniscient as our very DNA. What does it have to do with fighting gravity? Well, everything really.

Our brains are evolving exponentially now. The ancient wisdom teachers said exactly the same things as the modern ones say: “We are unlimited potential.” I’d say that for the most part we are all zygotes when it comes to really using, let alone understanding, our individual potential. The guides who get it will springboard the rest of us along, or at least those who wish to go along, with them as they expand. Once there’s enough of us ‘along’, there will be a collective shift. That ‘shift’ will usher in great change. Liken it to the industrial revolution, Christianity, the wheel. Game changers all.

More of us are living longer lives. Scientists are on a path to hack the code of life. It’s happening. Can we live a 1000 years or longer? Probably. We just have to believe it. But let’s get back to looks. How will we look at 1000?

Well, my guess is we’ll look fantastic because we will have the tools – whatever they are – to help with that. We’ve already got a lot of them.

Is there a ‘but’ to any of the above? Yes.

Here it is. We might not manage it. I might not manage it. I might buy the farm tomorrow and be really saggy when I do. Thing is, it’s okay. I still believe the other stuff. And through me changing up my thinking, my language and practices around aging and even looks, I’m not surrendering to convention but rather reaching for that unlimited potential I was told I have. It won’t be from lack of trying that I got old and checked out. Uh uh. It will be because I’ve not quite aligned with a different way of thinking. The energy I leave behind, however, will be and that will make it easier for future generations.

Some of this might not make much sense so I’ll write more about this for a bit.

And so my wish tonight is to simply keep an open-mind about our unlimited potential.

Until tomorrow…




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