Leaping into acceptance…

MeThis will be brief. It’s been a long day and I’m ready to sleep.

I got my proper comeuppance today. Those who follow me know that a big focus of this blog is around the use of language. I write to raise my own awareness around the effects of old patterned responses and mind chatter inculcated in us merely because we live in this current society. A great deal of what we say is attention seeking, contrary, and judgemental. Furthermore it is diminishing and even divisive. Take today for example.

I finally got a snap of me I could tolerate enough to use to update my Facebook profile picture. Looking at it now, I find fault with it and wish I’d not posted it all. I see exaggerated wrinkles and lines, a too tight mouth, and those annoying platysmal bands in my neck. What I’m looking at is an old woman whose image surprises me every time I see it because in my mind she is still youthful, line-free and vibrant. (Don’t get me started about the skin on the rest of my body, either. That parchment-y shit is just all wrong! Anywho, one issue at a time.)

People’s comments have been positive and kind, but that’s not good enough for me. I’m not really good at taking a compliment. I counter with excuses about how difficult it is to get a decent up close and personal picture at this age. Why? Because I do not see beyond the surface. I cannot see my own light. Sad? Yes. Problem? Only if I choose to let it be and I do not. I intend to solve this. And I will do it quickly.

And that’s enough for tonight but I will pick up this thread tomorrow. It’s a topic worthy of expansion.

Wishing you rest in all its promise. Another word is relaxation. Yet another is stillness. I prefer the latter word because of its sound. It is a soft word, one that rolls and lingers like all words that end in “s”. But whichever word you like, in stillness we can rest, we can relax completely. We cannot rest if we are not still, nor can we relax if we are not at rest. We can find all these states of being within even while the world around us in chaos. Yes, rest amidst the noise takes practice and discipline. But seeking rest in mind, spirit, and body should be a goal, yes? So let’s call the seeking of it a ‘blissipline’ because the practice over time will bring great joy. Blissed out rest, yeah? Om.

Until tomorrow…



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